Kayakoy is a very popular village, full of history and traditional style villas, bungalows and houses. It is also known as The Ghost Town because of its remarkable, although sad, history.


This village is situated between Oludeniz, Hisaronu and Fethiye town. The village is located on the edges of the Babadag mountai and because of this, there isn’t much humidity here. Interestingly, this village is warmer than Fethiye during the winter months.
The locals of Kayakoy Village have been there for generations. They used to share this village with the Greeks with both cultures living peacefully as neighbours however, due to population exchange between Turkey and Greece they were forced to leave Turkey during the 1st World War. Similar numbers of Turks were also forced to return from Greece to Turkey however, they did not wish to occupy these empty houses, believing it was a bad omen to use the homes of those who had been victims of the political decisions just as they had been. They thought that living in someone’s loved and stolen property would bring them bad luck. Since then, these houses have become a tourist attraction then the Turkish state declared this village as a National Park with the listed properties. This was a welcome decision for the locals as they are still today living in their farm houses for their main income. Despite this, things have been changing now and some of those farmers are now selling their homes or altering them to make those properties holiday homes so they can increase their family’s income.

Properties for sale in Kayakoy

You might have this question about this village: “How can we own a property in Kayakoy if we are unable or restricted to buy properties in Kayakoy/”

It is a very tricky subject and we strongly recommend you to seek some proper legal advice from your solicitor or contact us for further information. You might not be able to buy a property on the restricted zones, also many of the houses you see in Kayakoy were built without any proper paperwork or legal permission. As a result of this, there have been some sad stories from some of those property investors in Kayakoy.

We at Keyholders only sell properties with the proper paperwork in our websites and due diligence is carried out prior to marketing. Hence, you can freely make enquiries about our available properties in Kayakoy safe in the knowledge that they are legal and fulfil the requirements of a registered residence.

Are there any cafes and restaurants in Kayakoy?

Yes there are so many lovely Turkish BBQ restaurants in Kayakoy. In addition to these restaurants, there are a few very good quality A-la-cart Restaurants as well. Kayakoy is a self sufficient village where you can find all sorts of organic fruits and vegetables as well as honey, jam and dried fruits. There are no bars, however, numbers of cafes and hotels allow passerby to enjoy their swimming pools & bars without having to be resident there.

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