Ciftlik Village

Ciftlik Village is only 1km away from Calis and 5km away from Fethiye. Some part of Ciftlik Village is also known as Koca Calis which is the North West of the Calis Beach. Koca Calis is mainly popular for the holiday apartments near the beach in Fethiye; however, some part of this location is on the marshland.

Ciftlik Village

This village is getting popular since the land and property prices are rapidly rising in Fethiye. Although it is a traditional Turkish village, residents have access to the beaches, shops and cafes even quicker than other districts of Fethiye.

Some parts of the village (mainly upper end) have villas and apartments with sea views and mountain views. The village is also merged with Kargi Village and it is very hard to separate their borders. Do you wish to buy or build a property in these two villages, please get in touch with us as we have some available building plots and properties here.

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