Calis Chalish Beach Guide

Calis Chalish Beach Guide aims to provide some key information about this location. Calis is a popular area in Fethiye and attracts local and international tourists as well as investors. This location is a well known holiday resort mainly frequented by British holiday makers. You will find some useful information about life in Calis Beach, weather in Calis, property for sale in Calis, Calis Beach Homes, Villas, Apartments, etc.

Calis has an expansive beachfront with a pebble beach, cafes, restaurants, hotels and pubs. It is situated in the perfect spot in Fethiye with its superb public transportation system and geographical status, especially famous for its stunning sunsets and wonderful family restaurants and entertainment, including live music venues.

Calis Chalish Beach Guide

Calis District is on flat ground and merges with Fethiye, due to this it has been attracting many retired people and families who want to invest in property. You can walk or cycle back and forward to Fethiye, Ciftlik Village, Yaniklar and even Seydikemer if you’re feeling fit and like the hills.

Calis Chalish Beach Guide
Calis Beach – February 2020

Weather in Calis

Calis is located right on the edges of Fethiye and weather is exactly the same as this town. Although it is very similar to Fethiye, you experience more sea breeze here during the summer months. It makes temperatures more bearable during the high summer season which are June, July and August. Winters are generally mild in Calis and the whole region. Although it has been seen, it generally would not snow here however, you do get plenty of rain during the late autumn and winter months until end of march.

What to do in Calis?

It is a typical holiday resort and there are numbers of activities available in Calis. You may enjoy the pebble beach and sunshine and use the beach facilities including various cuisines, bars and cafes. If you have any interest in surfing, then Calis Beach is the right location for it.

There are also aqua parks, horse riding, scuba diving and water sports activities in this resort. Calis is on very flat ground and it makes life easy for the cyclists. You can cycle around 20 miles without any high hills in this region. If you wish to visit the shops then you can try Calis Beach shops or get the sea taxi or minibuses to visit Fethiye town centre for bigger shopping.

We also recommend you to visit the Sunday Market area where there is the weekly local food market is takes place in Calis. The market opens in the early hours of the mornings until 7pm during the summer months. The market closes earlier in the winter at around 5pm. It depends on the weather and sunset as these farmers leave when the sun goes down.

Calis Property Prices

This popular resort used to have a vibrant resale property market up until late in 2020. This has now changed a little and mostly brand new villas and apartments are available in the current market. Perhaps this may change again but, at the moment, due to Covid 19 Pandemic issue property prices are rising rapidly. There are few available land plots for building in Calis and this is also another reason for these price rises.

Despite this, we still have some reasonable villas and apartments for sale in Calis Beach and you can find these available homes here.

Calis Beach Villas and Apartments

Our main office is also in Calis and we are happy to assist you if you visit us. You may also check our website to see our available property options in this district.

We must stress that there has been significant interest in the Calis Properties since the Covid 19 Pandemic. Many Turkish and International property seekers have purchased properties here and this has resulted in a significant shortage on the property portfolio, hence the prices have been rising. Please get in touch with our sales consultants in order to discuss our available property options and the current changes in the market.

Property for sale in Calis

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