13 best things to do in Fethiye

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Fethiye and the surrounding areas have so many activities to offer. It could be a novel if we were to write about all of them. So, we will talk about the top 13 best things to do in Fethiye. For example, you can enjoy its blue flag beaches, climbing on the most splendid mountains, cycling, jogging, paragliding in fethiye as well as scuba diving and these are only some of the available attractions. How good are the nights out and eating in Fethiye? The town of Fethiye has been a centre of attraction for 1000’s of years. This location was known for the Letoonia and Lydian civilization during and pre Roman times. As a result, there are several historical places and ruins in the area. The Tlos, Pinara, Kibyra, and Telmessos Antique Cities are some of these popular historical locations for visiting. In addition to these attractions, Fethiye has many of restaurants, cafes and bars. You can enjoy these worldwide cuisines in the town centre or Calis, Ovacik and Hisaronu. Most of the visitors speak well of the famous Fish Market in Fethiye Centre near the harbour. 13 Best things to do in Fethiye

13 best things to do in Fethiye

  1. Blue flag beaches

  2. Paragliding in Fethiye

  3. Scuba Diving

  4. Visiting Historical places

  5. Nights out

  6. Boat Trips

  7. Shopping

  8. Eating Out

  9. Over night tours

  10. Wind Surfing

  11. Horse Riding

  12. Babadag Cable Car

  13. Visiting Saklikent Gorge

Blue Flag Beaches

You cannot complete your holiday without visiting the world famous blue flag beaches in the Fethiye area. The main and most popular beach is in Oludeniz. Oludeniz Beach is situated in a national park which you can enter for a small fee at the gate. Either drive, take a minibus or walk to the beach. This end of the lagoon is mainly preferred by families or others who wish to have a peaceful day swimming and paddling in the calm waters and sunbathing. This lagoon has two sides; the south side is slightly deeper than the north side. Families with young children generally choose the north side as the water is very shallow and calm. The south side is also very quiet however, the sea water gets deeper after a few meters. Both sides have a mixed sandy and pebble beach. You can access the public shower areas, WC and changing rooms here for free and there are value for money cafes and bars here.

Water Sports in Oludeniz

If you are thinking about entertaining yourselves with water sports then this part of the beach may not be the best option for you. You can rent canoes (kayak) and jet ski on the entrance of the beach but you are not allowed to cross over into the more shallow, protected areas. Find more information about the other popular blue flag beaches in Fethiye blog, where you can read about Calis beach, Kidrak, Gemiler Bay, Kabak and many other private beaches.

Paragliding in Fethiye

If you are not scared of heights then you should try paragliding in Fethiye. You can book a ticket for just under 100 Euros and travel to the top of the mountain in a minibus the company provides for you. They will drive to the top of Babadag (Father Mountain) and get ready for a breathtaking unique experience. Don’t worry, you will not do anything other than listen to your experienced tandem pilot. You will be in the frontline and marvel at the sky, mountains and endless sea while the pilot concentrates on your safe and enjoyable flight. You can certainly take some stunning photos and videos but you must hold your phone tight as once you drop it, it is lost forever. You don’t actually use your phone as the company is also doing this for you. Fethiye Paragliding

Scuba Diving

Fethiye’s crystal clear sea with its mesmerizing turquoise colour will steal your heart. In fact, Oludeniz Region is also known as the Blue Lagoon and there is a good reason for this. To help you enjoy this, there are several licensed companies who are offering some scuba diving experiences in the region. If you have no experience in this activity then they will provide basic training with the symbols for underwater communication and controlling yourselves in the sea. Depending on the group and the individual’s age and health condition you would be diving up to a maximum of 30 meters. But, most likely around 10-15 meters. If you are an experienced diver, then you can find the right group for you or rent a private tour for your own experience. You can dive for the sunken ships in Fethiye, or to see beautiful sea life in Oludeniz. An average cost is starting from £25 – 30 Euros for the group diving tours.

Visiting Historical Places

You are certainly in the right location if you are interested in the historical places and would like to find some interesting places in Fethiye. There are numbers of interesting places from the King’s Tombs to Fethiye Ethnography Museum where you can visit. We strongly recommend you to book a trip or hire a car and drive to Tlos Ancient City. Tlos was one of the most important Lycian Fortresses located on the edges of the sharp rocks in Yaka Village. Tlos was a popular civilisation centre from the Hitites to Romans, Byzantines to Ottomans. There is a Roman Stadium with 2,500 people capacity, a theatre, rock tombs in this ancient settlement. You may then visit one of the mountain riverside restaurants and enjoy the fresh river fish or a barbecue there.

Nights out

Fethiye is not a place like Bodrum with the wild night life however, there are a number of good alternatives for you. You can try the Paspatur bars after having your dinner near the harbour of Fethiye. There are a few options available here including pubs with live music, cabarets and two clubs. You can also go to the Fish Market and choose your fresh fish and let any restaurant there cook for you. This is a traditional Turkish entertainment hub, where Turkish musicians with their instruments visit each table for singing and dancing. You may also have a chance to dance with the belly dancer or just watch. Please remember that their only income is coming from the customers’ tips. In addition to these places, there are various types of entertainments in Hisaronu with British style pubs as well as live family friendly cabarets and a club. Oludeniz Beach bars are mainly calm with the relaxing music offering fabulous sunsets with a variety of cocktails. You can also go to Calis Beach and find the live music of your choice by the sea.

Boat Trips

A holiday to Fethiye cannot be complete without a boat trip or two. Fethiye is very generous when it comes to the boat trip options for holiday makers. You can buy a ticket or make reservations by visiting the best companies’ websites, or finding their reps in your hotel or in the resort. They would come and pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at the end of your day. You would get a day in the sea from 9 /10.00 am until 6.00pm including your lunch on the boat. You must take some cash with you as drinks are generally not included in the price. An average boat ticket would be around £20-25 per person. It depends on the boat and services. Alternatively you can hire a private boat for around £200 per day including your lunch where you can choose where you want to go.


Turkey is a very good place for clothes and gold shopping. Due to the weak Turkish currency most of the goods are excellent value for tourists. Fethiye is a living town which makes it an ordinary town compared to its similar neighbouring towns. Fethiye town centre has several shopping points such as the Erasta Shopping Mall. Quality Turkish Brands are sold in this mall. You may visit Paspatur, Calis Beach, Hisaronu or Oludeniz shops if you are looking for designer label clothes without paying the prices you would be paying in your country. They sell their goods as “Genuine Fake Designer Clothes”, there is no guarantee about the clothes or shoes you are buying however, although they are not originals, most of these are made with good quality materials. Buying gold is an absolute bargain in Turkey. Turkish gold is generally 24 carats and prices of them are 25% cheaper than the UK Gold prices.

Eating out

Eating out in Fethiye is an absolute pleasure for everyone. There are so many fantastic cafes and restaurants in Fethiye, Calis, Calis Beach, Ovacik, Hisaronu and Oludeniz. You may go to the sea shore in Fethiye Town centre and try locally sourced sea food or to the grill restaurants. If you are looking for an authentic Turkish dish, then we strongly recommend Sahil Lokantasi 1 or 2, or find the eastern Turkish restaurant called the Mosaic Garden restaurant in the town centre. Popular fish restaurants are Hilmi, Yengec, Sezai or Girida Port restaurants. If you are keen to visit Indian or Chinese restaurants then we strongly recommend Shine Indian Restaurant in Hisaronu, or Dragonara Chinese Restaurant. We are unable to give all of the cafes or restaurants’ names here, so we recommend to read our Fethiye Restaurants blog for more detailed information.

Over Night tours

Why don’t you spend a few days to see many interesting places near Fethiye. You may buy a day or two days tour from any local travel agency and visit places in this beautiful part of Turkey. You may, for example visit Ephesus and Pamukkale on a 2 days trip from Fethiye. Your travel agent would offer you 4 and 5 star hotels and you gain a unique experience that you would never forget. If you have some extra time, then you may even consider traveling to the fabulous Capadocia Region in the middle of Turkey. We recommend flying to Capadocia as it is a fairly long journey. Flying to Istanbul, or taking a ferry to Rhodes Island in Greece is also available from Fethiye. Rhodes Island is only 90 minutes by ferry and costs approximately 120 Euros per return ticket. Although you may go there and come back on the same day, we strongly recommend you stay at least one night in Rhodes.

Wind surfing

If you are keen to surf in Fethiye then Calis Beach is the place for you. You may rent the surfing kit from one of the local licensed agents and enjoy the wind in the bay. Alternatively, you may travel to Gokova where many professional windsurfers gather during the spring, summer and autumn seasons.

Horse Riding

Horse Riding is becoming a very popular activity in Fethiye. There are a few horse riding companies in Hisaronu and Yaniklar villages. Hisaronu offers a horse riding experience in the forest and on the edges of the mountains towards Kayakoy Village. Yaniklar offers a different experience compared to Hisaronu. You can ride a horse on Calis Beach, even entering the sea on horseback or treck through the green valley. Please contact us if you wish to know more about these great activities.

Babadag Cable car (Sky Walk Fethiye)

Babadag cable car is a fairly new attraction in Fethiye. You can start your experience on the edges of the Babadag mountain on the half way through the Oludeniz. This fabulous system allows you and your family to glide to the top of the Babadag Mountain in 4 different stages. It is an on & off system where you can stop to enjoy the view in 4 different cafes and restaurants. There is a children’s park, green pathways for walking in the forest, a theatre for the summer concerts and shows, and finally the Terrace Cafe on the station 1,200. The Station 1,700 offers fantastic views overlooking the Mediterranean sea, Fethiye Region and more. You will immediately notice the paragliders and the biological lake as well as the finest steak and wine bar here. You wont believe the atmosphere here. The station 1,800 is at the paragliding centre and those who are about to take off for their adventure in the sky. There is another bar and burger restaurant available in this station. Finally you are on the top of Babadag mountain. it is the second highest paragliding centre in Europe and you are now able to see the whole region including Rhodes Island. If you are hungry, you may wish to try the Mexican Tapas Restaurant here. You must not miss the sunset if you are able to stay until evening. You are most welcome to visit the official website for this attraction.

Visiting Saklikent Gorge

We don’t think you should return home without visiting Saklikent Gorge. Saklikent is around 50km from Fethiye. There are many daily tours from Fethiye, Calis Beach, Oludeniz and Hisaronu for Saklikent. Saklikent Canyon was recognised as the largest canyon in Turkey and second largest in Europe. The canyon is around 16km length and up to 1,000 meters height. You must wear suitable shoes if you are hoping to walk in the canyon. Make sure that you have right outfit for carrying water and some light food just in case if you need any emergencies especially if you are a diabetic. There is no way you can receive a fast ambulance service here. Despite this, it is offering a fascinating walking experience on the steep cliffs and walking in the ice cold river water. Depth of the water may reach above 175cm in the some parts of the canyon hence it is not suitable for families with the young children. Saklikent is also very popular for the trekking, picnics and mountain climbing. If you think you would love to live in a place that offers these activities while you live in Fethiye then why don’t you check our properties for sale in Fethiye link and see the options available for you.

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