Turkey’s Hidden Paradise: Fethiye

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With its unique coves, long beaches, cultural legacy, and exquisite landscape, Fethiye, a district of Mugla, is one of the few tourist towns not only in our nation but also in the world. Fethiye has been a popular tourist destination for both locals and visitors due to all of these aspects.

There are so many natural wonders in Fethiye that it’s difficult to include them all in one article. People who do not want to stay away from all these beauties tend to purchase properties Fethiye. Due to its location, Gocek, located in the west of Fethiye, is a unique place that is in high demand for villas for sale in Gocek.

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley is one of the bays at the foot of Babadag, which was designated as one of the World Heritage Foundation’s 100 mountains to be safeguarded. This valley, which is home to butterflies and one of the most striking spots in Fethiye, was proclaimed a natural protected area in the 1990s and is now closed to construction.

With its endemic species, Butterfly Valley attracts a large number of local and international visitors. It is a magnificent cove encircled by cliffs rising to 400 meters in height and home to around 100 butterfly species. At the Butterfly Valley beach, there are no significant accommodation options. That’s why local and foreign tourists who want to be closer to this natural wonder are looking for property for sale in Fethiye.

Saklikent Canyon

Fethiye Saklıkent Canyon, in Antalya-Mugla, is a must-see attraction during your Fethiye vacation. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by this natural wonder, which stands at 200 meters tall and stretches over 18 kilometers.

A section of the canyon, which spans several kilometers, is accessible by wooden bridges suspended from the canyon walls. Large and tiny caverns can also be found throughout Saklıkent. In archaeological investigations in these caves, remains dating back 2500 years have been discovered. You may capture stunning panoramic shots and leave great holiday memories in this breathtaking landscape.

Along the stream, there are numerous local-style restaurants. Seating is usually done with cushions rather than seats. You can sit in one of these and chill off by immersing your feet in icy water, drinking whatever you want, and eating excellent meals. Fethiye is nearly 45 minutes from Saklıkent. Therefore, those who want to own a house near here can also search for properties Gocek opportunities.

Fethiye Archeology Museum

Another place that property Fethiye has the chance to be close to is the Fethiye Archeology Museum. Because Fethiye is a rich district in terms of archeology, the concept of displaying the relics in one location was born. It was first opened to the public in 1987 and includes objects discovered during recent digs. The museum is divided into two sections: ethnographic and archeology. Almost every piece in the museum was gathered from Fethiye and its environs.

Despite its tiny size, the Fethiye Archeology Museum houses some significant items. In one section of the museum, statues of gods, goddesses, and emperors from the Roman and Hellenistic periods are displayed in one section. In 2011, statues of Hadrianus the Great and Antoninus Pius, the later Roman Emperor, were discovered in the Tlos Ancient City Theater.

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