The Most Beautiful Gift of Nature: Fethiye

With its mystical Lycian ruins, semi-tropical weather and vegetation, stunning forests, clear seas that can be seen even at 10 meters deep, and steep cliff views, Fethiye is a privileged and rare place that hosts so many beauties in the world at the same time. Property Fethiye helps people who want to live in this magical place achieve their dreams.

Fethiye, which has many reasons for you to visit again and again, is valuable and unique enough to become a global tourism brand. The increasing demand for Properties Gocek in recent years is a clear example of Fethiye’s importance in the field of tourism.We have listed a few places for you to visit in Fethiye, which attracts millions of visitors each year due to its natural texture, rich history, and bays that hide the sun’s brightest lights.


Calis Beach

Calis Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Fethiye, a historical and touristic town. The beach, which allows for outdoor recreation, is one of the exceptional locations frequented by Caretta Caretta turtles. These turtles come to Calis Beach to lay their eggs during certain months of the year. Calis Beach, which provides a spectacular visual feast for those who want to walk against the warm summer breezes in the evening, is also regarded as an ideal family vacation destination. Due to its close location to the Calis beach, many people demand villas for sale in Gocek.

Calis Beach is well-known for being the best spot to watch the sunset. Seeing the sun set over the islands and the colors it produces is a breathtaking sight. The area is densely packed with vacation complexes, hotels, private villas, and vacation rental properties. It is a popular location for short-term villa and vacation home rentals.

Tomb of Amyntas

The places to visit in Fethiye include both natural and historical sites. The history provided by the magnificently crafted rock tombs is worth seeing and exploring. When you want to go up to the tomb, you’ll come across a ladder that climbs the mountain. This winding staircase will tire you out, but the massive Amyntas tomb will be waiting for you at the end. It is possibly one of our country’s most striking and majestic tombs. Property for sale in Fethiye offers various opportunities for you to see this unique view whenever you want.

The most famous of the rock tombs is that of Amyntas, the son of Hermapius, which is located in the south of Fethiye, built on a steep slope facing north and can be seen from the Fethiye Plain. The Amyntas Rock Tomb and the other tombs on the steep slopes to its east are regarded as the best examples of metal and woodwork in Lycia. This monumental tomb, the most impressive of the group of tombs carved into the slopes, was designed as an Ionic temple.

Another interesting detail is the view of Amyntas Rock Tombs from Fethiye. From the top, a beautiful blue-green harmony can be seen. On the hill with this view, the king of the time had a tomb built for himself and his family. The appearance of the tomb reflects its power and splendor.


Fethiye Oludeniz, one of the most popular tourist destinations not only in Turkey but also around the world, attracts thousands of visitors each year due to its unique natural wonders and assets. Because the beaches surrounding Oludeniz are constantly battling waves, not a single wave has been encountered in Oludeniz. As a result, the town’s name was changed to Oludeniz.

Oludeniz is a type of lagoon formation. And the phrase “natural wonder” may have been used to describe this location. Oludeniz, with its turquoise sea, sandy beach, and lush nature, provides an unforgettable view and holiday. There are numerous quality hotels, hostels, and camping areas in town. Properties Fethiye offers attractive options for those who do not want to limit the time they spend here. Mountaineering, safari, hiking, and rafting can all be done in this town where all types of sea sports are practiced.

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