Property in Fethiye

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Property in Fethiye

Property in Fethiye

Fethiye is in the beautiful region known as the ‘The Turquoise Coast’ of Turkey. Fethiye’s suburbs and surrounding villages are Kayakoy, property in Fethiye Calis, Uzumlu, Ciftlik Village, Gocek, Dalaman, Ovacik, Hisaronu, Faralya, Oludeniz, Seydikemer, Karagozler Marina and Tasyaka Districts. You will find some useful information about how to get to Fethiye, life in Turkey, weather in Fethiye, healthcare in Fethiye, who is buying property in Fethiye, the Turkish property market, best lawyers in Fethiye and surrounding areas of Fethiye. 

How to get to Fethiye

Dalaman Airport is the main International Airport for travellers who wish to come here, being only 54km (33.5 Miles) from Fethiye. Antalya Airport is an alternative when Dalaman Airport is not the best option for someone, being 200 km (124 Miles). The distance from Antalya is about 2.5 hours journey from Fethiye.

Many direct flights to Dalaman Airport start in March and operate through to November. Travellers who wish to come during the winter months can use the options via Istanbul with a domestic Connecting flight with Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and Atlas Airlines. These companies are flying to Dalaman on a daily basis from Istanbul Ataturk Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport.

The population of Fethiye is approximately 74,000 however this increases during the high summer season. It is not like any ordinary holiday destination as this town offers 12 months activity for both local residents and tourists alike.

This region’s attraction is not only the warm climate and the wonderful Turkish scenery. However, also the relatively low cost of living in Turkey and the famous local Turkish hospitality.

Turkey may be a predominantly Muslim Country, however, all freely enjoy their religion, whatever that may be, without any pressure. There are various world kitchens foods and choices of alcoholic or non-alcoholic restaurants, bars and cafes all around the Town and outlying areas. Fethiye has all this to offer and, even better. It is situated in the one of the best parts of Turkey and hosts a very generous programme of entertainment and local attractions.

The Turkish Property Market

The Turkish property market is booming and especially so in Fethiye, where around 10% of the area’s homes are owned by foreign nationals.

This mix makes Fethiye a place where everyone can feel relaxed, they can find their own kind of food and comforts easily. If they feel homesick and the non-Turkish population here is famous for its integration with the local community.

Who buys property in Fethiye

These reasons alone answer the question, why buy property in Fethiye? Because where else can you go that’s a short ride from the airport, that lets you experience the local Turkish culture without taking away your own culture, where you can eat what you like without judgement, drink alcohol or don’t drink alcohol. Of course the choice is yours and no-one else interferes with your own choices. This is the beauty of Fethiye.

As a result of the above Fethiye has become a very popular tourist attraction and a good place to invest in Turkey. Recent increased interest has been recognised by many travel operators and the media, with Fethiye being recognised as the best tourist destination in the world in recent times by British newspapers such as The Times and The Guardian. Overall about 800,000 British and 300,000 other nationalities visit Fethiye annually.

Areas surrounding Fethiye

The popular surrounding areas of Fethiye are Calis (pronounced Chalish), Calis Beach, Koca Calis, Hisaronu, Ovacik, Oludeniz. If you wish to drive an hour or so in the Antalya direction, you will also be able to enjoy the rustic beauty of the small town of Kalkan and neighbouring Kaș (pronounced Kash)

Should you wish to know more about these above areas please click on the links below.

Fethiye has endless options for beaches and small bays where people can freely enjoy a seaside holiday. There are a few scattered small beaches on the Letoonia Coast that are very private and family friendly. It is common that many families take their picnic and just spend the day there.

Some are beach clubs in Fethiye where you pay to enter but once inside, all amenities are available and you can just relax and enjoy the sun, sea and beautiful environment. The menus in these clubs are equal to any good restaurant. This would allow you to spend your day can be spent in luxury, lying on your sunbed, hammock or under the shade of a tented beach hut (kosk). It is certain that the good service  is only a finger click away.

More information about Fethiye

The main beaches are situated in Ȍlüdeniz (Blue Lagoon), Gemiler Beach on Gemiler Bay near Kayakoy and Calis Beach. The Local residents have become accustomed to living in harmony with those of other nationalities throughout the years. In fact, there are many mixed families and businesses that have occurred since the investors and tourists have shown an interest in the area. As usual, the friendly local people with their Turkish Culture generally help those property investors to settle in easily with their contribution to the local economy being recognised and admired.

Fethiye is a beautiful, vibrant town with various Shops and Bazaars, yacht Marinas, Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and Shopping Malls. Only Fethiye Marina can offer a 7 km long pedestrianised walking, jogging and cycling area with many cafes and restaurants. There are Bars in Paspatur which are open all year around. There are various live music bars and clubs in the centre as well as Calis Beach front attractions. Hisaronu, Ovacik and Oludeniz night life for various tastes.

Accessible links to the various Greek Islands and marvellous local bays and coast line. This creates an excellent basis for the development of yacht tourism. The old town itself has no beach, the closest is in Calis or on the Letoonia coast which are located 4 km along the coast line in opposite directions. The water temperature in the sea near Fethiye throughout the year does not fall below 19°C. Fethiye region is famous for the magnificent sea and underwater caves, which are particularly interesting for those who go scuba diving.

Weather in Fethiye

Fethiye has a typical mild South Mediterranean climate for the whole year. The summer months of July and August are the hottest time and temperatures could be as high as 40-45°C between 12 and 4pm. The coldest period is from mid December to early February. It can be around 8-10°C during the day time and between 2-5°C at nights however. In Ovacik and Uzumlu Mountain Villages can be around -2 down to -5°C at nights and 5-8°C during the day time.

The surrounding Taurus mountains, Babadag (the home of Paragliding) and Mendoz Mountains can receive heavy snowfall in winter. The advantages of this are the winter attractions; the nearest Turkish Ski Resort is only 1 hour and 15 minutes driving distance from this beautiful town.

Fethiye has a very rich historical past which attracts various local residents and tourists – the Roman amphitheatre located near the harbour of Fethiye. The ruins of the fortress of the Rhodes knights, Lycian tombs (3-4 centuries BC) in cliffs which imitate the facade of ancient buildings.

Healthcare in Turkey & Fethiye

Turkey’s economy has been growing since the early 2000’s and this, couple with good political decisions. This has made a very positive effect on the quality of health care and other important life style issues such as the health and safety, etc.

Our current non Turkish Residents regularly say that the Health Care Service has more pros than cons. Non-Turkish Residents can buy SGK Insurance (known as National Insurance in the UK) for a family of 5. If they have been resident for over a year and the system works much better than many European Countries.  Turkish Healthcare is famous with patient choice being very much at the forefront of the healthcare policies. (Prior to being eligible for SGK, the family would require private health insurance).

If a patient is fully covered with this or private health insurance then they can even go to see a Consultant in any Private Hospital. It is possible to see an expert within 24 hours in a private hospital or within a week or two in a state hospital. This is a superb bonus for someone who may have the risk of health problems.

Another bonus is, if a doctor diagnoses the patient in need of surgery then this can be arranged within hours rather than months or years as in some European countries.  All information is correct at time of writing. However, please contact us for further advice related to this subject, as the rules may change from time to time.

Buying a Property in Fethiye

Fethiye Town and Calis have been merged and there really is no distance between them. Calis Beach is popular for wind surfing and for those who want to stay in a place that they can walk to the beach without needing a car or public transport.

Both Fethiye and Calis are on flat ground which attracts people who wish to live somewhere that they can easily walk or cycle. Due to this flat ground and few hills, sea view properties are very limited and are generally found in Tasyaka, Calica or the very popular and exclusive Karagozler area, unless it is on the seafront.

Fethiye Town centre building permission regulations only allow 2 storeys buildings unless it is in the Tasyaka area. Sea-view Property prices in Calis start from 85,000 GBP (123,500 USD) in this region however, Tasyaka Apartments can be purchased from around 58,000 GBP (84,500 USD).

Calis area has been developed remarkably since 2005 with the property boom. All parts of Calis are very accessible and residents do not need to have cars because the current public transport system is very effective. Please contact us for more information.

There is a council operated bus system from Ciftlik Village to Fethiye Marina that regularly develops new routes to improve the service. There are also local minibus (Dolmush) services every 5 minutes during the summer months. This is every 30 minutes during the out of season period between November and April.

Property in Fethiye

This region offers 2 types of properties. Apartments and Villas with swimming pools or Villas and Apartments without swimming pools. These are mainly preferred by local Turkish Residents.

Advantages of the properties with a swimming pool are;

  • It may be easy to rent out on a weekly basis.
  • It may offer you the holiday and luxury feeling.
  • meeting up with the other holiday makers with similar family profiles.
  • many are sold with furniture packages.
  • prime location sites and properties.
  • multi-cultural and multi-lingual neighbours.

Advantages of the properties without a swimming pool are;

  • Much cheaper properties.
  • Less maintenance fees.
  • More Turkish Neighbours.
  • Authentic Turkish Culture.
  • Neighbours in 12 months occupation of properties.
  • Generally unfurnished apartments so you can buy your own furniture (with our assistance if required).
  • Bigger apartments or villas, as no swimming pools and different building permission applies. (Please ask for further information).

If you are thinking of buying property in the Fethiye region of Turkey please contact us at Keyholders International and we will guide you through the process from start to finish.

Property in Fethiye

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