Apartment For Sale in Calis Beach

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Villa For Sale in Calis Beach

Apartment For Sale ın Calis Beach, Turkey

We work to provide all your property needs, from the sale of apartments in Calis Beach to renting all types of properties, including villas, apartments, townhouses and bungalows in the area.

Thanks to our extensive portfolio of properties, you are sure to find the perfect home in Calis Beach to suit your needs. We can also sell or rent your house on your behalf. Our professional and experienced managers will provide quick results in finding the perfect property for you.

We are professionals. We use the latest technology in real estate marketing, including buying, renting and sale of apartments in Turkey. We guarantee that your cooperation with us will be easy and free from stress. If you want to stand out and work with real estate professionals, please visit our office for a cup of coffee and discuss the prospect of long-lasting friendship and cooperation.

Apartment For Sale in Calis Beach

Calis Beach

Apartment for sale in Calis Beach is always an attractive property for investors and individuals. A beautiful rocky beach and adjacent areas with developed infrastructure is an ideal choice for those who want to live in beauty and comfort. There are many hotels and restaurants, bars and shops by the sea in the area of ​​Calis Beach.

There are several exclusive beach resorts and luxury hotels not far from the beach. Calis means “work”. The beach got its name from the old railway, which was located along the entire length of the beach. Previously, the railway used to transport chromium to the old dock, which was located on the site of a modern restaurant and beach club.

Apartment for sale in Calis Beach is also another reason for the pride of its owners. The beach is also known as one of the places where the 2012 film “Skyfall” about James Bond was shot. The choice of directors is quite understandable – the beauty of Calis Beach deserves to perpetuate it in a film about the great agent 007.

Sunset in Calis inspires fear and admiration at the same time. When the sun slowly goes beyond the horizon, and the remote island goes into the shade, the sea, the sand and everything around you start to glow amazingly orange.

Additional services when buying an apartment in Calis Beach

  • Comprehensive Property Services including conveyancing and legal;
  • Property Improvement Services;
  • Long Term or Short-Term Rental Services;
  • Personal Shopping for the property needs (if required);
  • Stress Free Buying or Selling Process;
  • Multi Lingual Sale Consultants based in the UK, Middle East, Russia and Turkey;
  • 100% Legal Properties Marketed and Sold in Turkey;
  • Assisting our clients on their residency applications in Turkey;
  • Assisting our clients on the property maintenance in Turkey, etc.

In general, it can be noted that apartments for sale in Calis Beach always have a high demand in the real estate market. Buying real estate in this area is a great way to invest and a great place for live. For more information, contact our office or call the phone number listed on the site.

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